Who We Are

Pacific Coffee Research was founded by coffee professionals set out to change the Hawai’i coffee industry through education, collaboration, and support services. 

We provide education and skills training to baristas, roasters, producers, and everyone who wants to learn something new about coffee. As an SCA Premier Training Campus, our team includes experienced coffee trainers and Authorized SCA Trainers.

Our goals include illuminating the coffee supply chain as something intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. Our unique position of operating in a coffee producing region gives us the opportunity to explore the entire supply chain in one location.

We strive to promote community and contribute an open space for collaboration. We believe our industry makes great strides forward when we work together to find solutions with a holistic approach.



Pacific Coffee Research

Makalei Estates, Hawai’i Island

Brittany Horn

Sensory Specialist & Head Roaster

Madeleine Longoria Garcia

Licensed Q Grader & Espresso Technician

Lauren Thormodsgard

Barista Trainer & Production Roaster



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