Specialty Coffee Brewing Classes

Learn the essential science behind coffee brewing in our specialty coffee brewing classes!

Join us for a coffee brewing class and explore concepts that will help anyone make coffee better.  Whether a total novice, or a devoted specialty coffee lover, these workshops will give you the tools and knowledge necessary to bring the coffee brewing program in your home or office up to professional quality and consistency.

1-Hour Coffee Brewing Class: Introduction to Brewing Methods

Specialty coffee brewing class at origin$35/person | Register Now

In this one-hour class we will brew one coffee using three different brewing methods: gravity/filter, immersion, and espresso.  We’ll do a side-by-side taste comparison and introduce the principles behind the differences in flavor and texture produced by these three common coffee preparation methods.

2-Hour Coffee Brewing Class: Extraction Principles

Specialty coffee brewing class at Pacific Coffee Research$75/person | Register Now

In this two-hour class we will introduce the concept of “solubles yield” and how it affects the flavor of brewed coffee. We will introduce quantitative methods for tracking both strength and flavor, and will practice identifying the flavor characteristics associated with properly brewed coffee.

4-Hour Coffee Brewing Class: Brewing Program Essentials

Specialty coffee brewing class at origin in Hawaii$175/person | Register Now

This four-hour class covers everything you need to know to make consistently delicious coffee at home. Dig deep into the concepts of solubles yield with hands-on practice exploring the impact on coffee flavor of water temperature, grind size, and brewing technique.

8-Hour Coffee Brewing Class: Barista Skills 101

Specialty coffee brewing class: barista skillsSpecialty coffee brewing class: barista skillsSpecialty coffee brewing class: barista skills

$375/person | Register Now

Have you ever wondered why the espresso you make at home doesn’t quite measure up to the delicious nectar at your favorite cafe? This in-depth class covers everything that goes into brewing a perfect cup of coffee, pulling a delicious shot of espresso, and even making your own cold brew! Students will come away from this class with the knowledge and skills needed to create a top-notch home espresso program, or even begin working as a specialty coffee barista. Topics include everything covered in our other brewing workshops, plus:
  • Impact of water quality and composition on coffee’s flavor
  • How roast profile influences coffee flavor and texture
  • Hands-on training on commercial espresso equipment
  • Introduction to coffee cupping (formal coffee quality analysis)