Specialty Coffee Tasting Workshops

Expand your sensory abilities with our Hawaii coffee tasting workshops!

Join us for a coffee tasting workshop and experience the wonderful flavors that Hawaii has to offer.

Already familiar with Hawaii coffee and want to dig deeper into how coffee professionals analyze, grade, and describe Specialty coffees? Join us for one of our sensory analysis workshops focusing on cupping protocol, defect identification, or general palate development.

1-Hour Hawaii Coffee Tasting

$35/person | Register Now

Taste the variety of flavors that Hawaii coffee has to offer. We’ll go beyond Kona and taste four different coffees from Kona, Ka’u, and Maui. This informal tasting is a perfect introduction to sensory analysis in coffee for those with little to no experience in formal cupping.

2-Hour Coffee Tasting: Introduction to Coffee Cupping

$65/person | Register Now

Professional coffee tasting is a bit more complicated than just deciding whether a coffee is “good” or “bad”. In this 2-hour workshop we will sample six coffees while introducing the Specialty Coffee Association’s formal coffee tasting procedure known as cupping. Cupping is a globally standardized protocol for objectively evaluating coffee quality.

2-Hour Coffee Tasting: Cupping for Defects

$85/person | Register Now

This 2-hour cupping workshop explores specific sensory defects that are found in coffee. We’ll spend some time discussing the various points in the coffee supply chain where defects can occur, and then we’ll taste three pairs of coffees comparing a clean sample with a sample that has been spiked with a specific defect.

6-Hour Coffee Tasting: Exploring the Coffee Flavor Wheel

$195/person | Register Now

The ultimate palate-development workshop for coffee tasters. This intense 6-hour workshop will lead tasters through the flavors and aromas of the World Coffee Research Coffee Taster’ Flavor Wheel. During the workshop we will taste and smell everything from citrus fruit to scraps of paper to tobacco, so be ready to put your tastebuds to work!
Due to the extensive preparation required for this workshop we only offer it for groups of 4 or more students. 
Flying solo? Contact us to find out about joining another group.

Topics include everything covered in our other brewing workshops, plus: