Barista Skills Intermediate

Prerequisites: Intro to Coffee (recommended) Barista Foundation (recommended) Levels Offered: Foundation Intermediate This course is designed to test core knowledge, and to introduce more advanced barista skills and understanding expected from a competent specialty coffee professional. Students will learn to quickly and consistently dial in a brew recipe, make a full range of drinks with quality and speed, as well as understand basic requirements for customer service and workspace maintenance. Introduction to Coffee and Barista Foundation are recommended (but not mandatory) prerequisite modules. All knowledge and skills from these modules will be assumed as being held and may be tested through the practical and/or written assessments.

Barista Skills Intermediate topics Include:

  • Understanding the beans: blends, origin characteristics, and the impact of processing on coffee flavor
  • Coffee freshness for espresso: de-gassing and the effects of aging on espresso performance
  • Workspace management: layout, organization, workflow (double-barring), and hygiene
  • Grind, dose, tamp: understanding the effects of grinder type, heat, distribution, and tamping pressure on espresso extaction
  • Espresso parameters: identify characteristics of ideal espresso extraction, and practice dialing in individual parameters to produce a balanced espresso
  • Milk preparation: Basic milk chemistry, steaming mechanics, and introduction to pouring technique (latte art)
  • Basic milk chemistry and steaming mechanics
  • Drink building, milk management, and workflow
  • Customer service: communication skills and steps to service recovery
  • Equipment cleaning, maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Cafe management: costing an espresso menu