Green Coffee Foundation

Price $425 Levels Offered: Foundation Intermediate Recommended Pre-requisites: Introduction to Coffee This is an introductory course that covers key concepts surrounding green coffee from growing the plant, through processing, shipping and storage to arrival at a roastery. The course is ideally suited for people new to the coffee industry or those lookingto gain an insight into the broad subject matter of green coffee. It includes an introduction to the basics of quality checks, coffee grading, and taste/flavordifferences due to processing or species. Introduction to Coffee is a recommended (but not mandatory) pre-requisite module. All knowledge and skill from these modules will be assumed as being held and may be tested through the practical and/or written assessments.

Scientific Principles

Understand coffee’s origins, ideal climate and growing conditions, and learn about the history of coffee propagation around the world.

World Production

Learn about differences in production methods and volume in different growing regions.

Coffee Farming

Understand the basics of farm management, economics, production cycles, differences in yields and pest/disease resistance between species and varieties.

Post-Harvest Processing

Learn about risks and benefits of different processing methods. Understand regional variation in preferred processing methods based on resource availability and other factors. Understand harvesting methods, drying, milling, and grading.


Understand the basics of coffee trading, futures markets, and the C.

Storage And Transport

Overview of the many stages of transport from farm to roaster, and storage and handling procedures for green coffee throughout the supply chain.


Learn how certification plays a role in marketing and product differentiation. Understand the basics of certification from accredited third-party organization such USDA Organic certification, Fair Trade, and UTZ.


Learn about the different methods of decaffeination. Indentify visual and other sensory indicators in decaffeinated coffee.

Green Coffee Equipment

Get hands-on experience with sizing and grading screens, moisture meters, and density metering.