Roasting Foundation

Price $425

Levels Offered:

Recommended Pre-requisites:
Intro to Coffee
Green Coffee Foundation
Sensory Foundation

The professional coffee roasting classes that make up SCA’s Coffee Roasting Foundation module are designed to introduce core coffee roasting skills and equipment to people with little or no professional roasting experience.

Students will leave this course with the knowledge to describe the effect of variations in roast level, time, and temperature on coffee’s flavor, and will learn industry standard terminology to describe the stages of the roasting process.  During the course, students will get hands on experience using commercial roasting equipment and cupping coffee in a formal lab setting.

Coffee Roasting Equipment

An overview of the different types of equipment available to roasters, their strengths and weaknesses.

The Roasting Process

Introducing key principles related to the physical changes occurring during the roast. Observe color change, weight loss, volume-gain, and relate these to flavor. Understand key sensory changes in the beans as the roast develops, and follow procedures for documenting these changes in a roast log.

Safety And Maintenance

Identify key issues impacting the safe operation of roasting equipment, and learn proper cleaning and maintenance procedures to prevent damage or injury.