Roasting Intermediate

Price $1025 Levels Offered: Foundation Intermediate Recommended Pre-requisites: Intro to Coffee Green Coffee Foundation Sensory Foundation Expand your coffee roasting abilities with in-depth explorations of key specialty coffee roasting skills including implementing a sample roasting program; developing roast profiles; sensory analysis of roast level, development time, airflow, and other profile variations. These specialty coffee roasting classes are intended for coffee amateur and professional roasters with some experience, and are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to advance their career as a coffee roaster in a professional setting, or begin their own specialty coffee roasting business. Upon finishing the course and successfully completing all exams, the student will earn the SCA Intermediate Roaster certificate. Students will be roasting on our Giesen W15A production roaster and 500g North sample roaster, and will be expected to be comfortable with formal coffee cupping protocol and the SCA cupping form.

Recognize and control variables that affect roast character

  • Effectively identify and reproduce target roast color
  • Discriminate detailed differences in roast profiles (development time, air-flow, etc) through sensory analysis
  • Create new profiles based on sensory analysis
  • Discuss profile roasting using industry-standard terminology

    Understand physical and chemical changes of coffee in the roaster

  • Perform predictive calculations for a given roast based on chemical processes
  • Calculate weight and volume change for a given roast profile
  • Recognize density changes, moisture loss, glass transition, etc.

    Develop a sample roasting program for your business

  • Understand the purpose behind sample roasting
  • Considerations when choosing a sample roasting machine
  • Develop sample roasting skills and best practices