FAQ for 2018 Hawaii Brewers Cup

 2018 US Brewers Cup Preliminary in HawaiiFAQ for 2018 Hawaii Brewers Cup

This is a valuable resource for competitors, judges, and attendees of the 2018 Hawaii Brewers Cup in Kunia, O’ahu.  If you don’t find an answer to your question here, please contact us!


Can I still enter the competition?

The bracket is currently full.  However, we are keeping a waitlist.  Feel free to register and we will add you to the waitlist, or just send us an email.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! There are many opportunities for volunteers.  Please contact us for details!

When and Where are the US Brewers Cup Qualifying Events?

The short answer is:
-December 1-2, 2018, Denver, CO
-January 12-13 Nashville, TN
This means that if you would like to compete in the Qualifying round of the US Brewers Cup, you will have a choice between the Denver and Nashville events (and if you win the Hawaii Brewers Cup, you’ll get a free flight to whichever event you choose).  Please check out the recording of the online learning session from earlier this month if you haven’t already.  It includes valuable information like this, and also is mandatory for all competitors and judges!

How many cups do I need to brew during my competition performance?

Each competitor will have eight (8) minutes of competition time to prepare two (2) separate beverages, one for each judge.  These beverages must be prepared separately and served individually to the judges.

Can I bring my own coffee?

Competitors are required to use one of the host-provided coffees.  You will select a coffee on Friday at the coffee selection cupping.  Each competitor will receive 350g of the coffee chosen during the cupping, and this will be the only coffee you will receive (be careful during practice time to save enough coffee for your performance).

Are spectators allowed at the event?

Absolutely! Please invite friends and family to watch.  The venue can hold about 100 people and we’d like to fill it!

Can I compete and volunteer?

Yes! You are welcome and encouraged to volunteer on whichever day you are not scheduled to compete. However, competitors may not volunteer as judges or timekeepers.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in volunteering, please let me know asap!

What’s the deal with the practice sessions?

The practice sessions are scheduled each day in the morning before the beginning of the competition.  This practice session chance to run through your presentation in the actual competition area with your chosen coffee. Each competitor will have 30 minutes to practice. The competitor schedule (attached in case you missed it before) shows your scheduled practice session.

What kind of equipment will be provided?

There will be a Mahlkönig EK43 grinder and a hot water tower provided on the equipment table.  You are welcome to bring your own grinder and water heating equipment, however you are required to use the provided water (unheated water can be provided on request).
As stated in the official rules (please read them if you haven’t!)
The competition area will be equipped with the following:
– Equipment Table (For hot water machine and grinder)
– Service Table (Judges’ table)
– Hot water machine(s)
– Coffee grinder(s)
– Standardized Service Vessels
– Cleaning brushes (for grinder and counter)
– Trash can and/or compost bin
– Bucket for discarded liquid
– Cupping spoon, water, rinse water cup, spittoon, and napkin for judges

What are the water specs?

We will be using reverse osmosis filtered water re-mineralized using Third Wave Water Classic. In our tests, this treatment method results in water that falls very close to the targets specified in the SCA water standard and the USCC competition rules.
The Host provided water will be calibrated with the following standard as the target:
Odour: Clean/fresh, odour free
Colour: Clear color.
i. Total Chlorine: 0 mg/L
ii. TDS: 150 mg/L (acceptable range 75 ‑250 mg/L)
iii. Calcium Hardness: ~68 mg/L  Total Alkalinity: ~40 mg/L
iv. pH: ~7.0
v. Sodium: ~10 mg/L

Do I need to be present for the whole weekend?

All competitors must be present on Friday, August 10th from 4-6pm for the coffee selection tasting.  Other than this session, there is no requirement for you to be present outside of your scheduled practice and performance times, though we do encourage you to stick around and cheer on your fellow competitors.  Awards will be presented on Sunday evening, but you are not required to be present during the awards ceremony in order to win.

Can I pay my registration fee in cash at the event?

If you are unable to pay your fee online, please contact us directly and we will try to help you out.  We request that you pay all fees prior to the competition dates in order to secure your spot.  If we do not receive your payment by August 9th (at the latest), we will release your spot to someone on the waiting list.