Brittany Horn – Founding Partner

Brit grew up in the New York City suburbs and began her career working as a barista while studying business management at a university in New Haven. She found her way to the Specialty coffee industry through her love for drinking coffee and her curiosity about where “stuff” comes from. Brit landed in Hawaii on a Kona coffee farm in 2014 where she gained hands-on experience with the producing end of the value chain.

In 2015, Brit took a position as a roastery assistant at a Specialty coffee company in Kailua-Kona and eventually became a production roaster and then wholesale coffee manager. Brit has seen firsthand that education in all sectors of the industry improves the lives of farmers, quality of coffee, and consumer consciousness. This knowledge, coupled with her passion for the Hawai`i coffee community, led to her becoming a founding partner in Pacific Coffee Research in 2017. 

Brit is an Authorized SCA Trainer in Green Coffee, Sensory Skills, and the SCA’s newest module, Sustainability in Coffee. She is now serving her second year on the executive board for the Hawai`i Coffee Association and actively works to improve awareness and support of the Hawai`i coffee industry on a global scale. Additionally, she works alongside many members of the Kona Coffee Farmer’s Association, the Kona Coffee Council, the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival committee, and Lalcafe collaborating on ideas for quality improvement, access to cupping analysis, experimental processing methods, fermentation techniques, and Specialty coffee education.