SCA CSP: Sensory Skills Professional

This four-day CSP Sensory Skills Professional course is designed to enable students to apply core concepts of sensory science to their analysis of aroma, taste, and body differences in coffee. It builds upon the concepts and skills covered in the Foundation & Intermediate levels; Sensory Skills Intermediate is a required prerequisite for this course.
Students will dive deeper into exploring various tasting methods including triangulation and comparisons, and will continue sensory calibration and use of the SCA cupping form. We will continue to explore the 5 basic tastes, discuss the logistics of setting up a sensory program, and required statistical analysis techniques. Finally, students will be required to pass the practical and written exams to pass this course and receive the SCA CSP Sensory Skills Professional certificate!

Topics covered in SCA CSP Sensory Skills Professional include:
Principles of Sensory Science
Measure, Analyze, Interpret
Experiential Influences
Taste & Texture
Aromas & Flavors
Cupping Systems & Methodology
Building a Sensory Program

The cost of this course includes SCA’s certification fees.

Aspects of this class involve the tasting of various foods and liquids, including some known allergens. These may include, but are not limited to dairy, nuts, wheat, etc. The purpose of these exercises is to objectively evaluate tastes and textures of different foods & beverages in order to form a mental lexicon for qualities present in coffees. While we ask that you inform us of any allergies and dietary needs, we cannot guarantee that contact or cross contamination is 100% avoidable.

*Lunch will be provided during each day of this class. We will take a 1-hour break to take in the view while we eat.

Learn more about the SCA Coffee Skills Program on their website.

Pacific Coffee Research offers CSP certification courses in 5 modules on a semi-regular basis, with Introduction to Coffee, Sensory Skills, and Green Coffee available year-round.

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Jul 25 - 28 2022


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