Chimbu, Papua New Guinea


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Chimbu, Papua New Guinea


We’re not sure what it is, but we love coffees from Papua New Guinea. We’ve purchased many different coffees from PNG over the years and have never been disappointed. Grown by the Keto Tapasi Progress Association, this coffee is particularly wonderful.
It is fairly traded and organically grown by this association of smallholder coffee producers from 118 communities of the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea in the Chimbu Province of Chuave District. The 375 members speak different languages, belong to differing heritage groups, and observe different cultural practices. Despite these differences, they collaborate and work together through the Keto Tapasi Progress Association.
This organization has been Fair Trade-certified since 2011 and certified organic since 2014. They use these premiums to invest in depulpers, warehouse space, and transportation.

Varieties: Arusha, Bourbon, Typica
Processing: Washed/Parchment Dried
Medium roast
Tastes like sugarcane, ripe melon, with fruit-forward notes

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