Finca Himalaya - Ahuachapan, El Salvador


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Finca Himalaya - Ahuachapan, El Salvador


We are so excited to share this coffee with you! El Salvador is a special coffee producing origin for us and we’ve been hoping to share a coffee from this nation for a while. We’re happy to have come across this beautiful microlot from Finca Himalaya.
Finca Himalaya is a 60-hectare farm owned by Mauricio A Salaverria, who also owns Finca Divisadero. Mauricio is a well-known producer in El Salvador whose coffees have placed in the top 10 of the Cup of Excellence competition many times. His Finca Himalaya is located in the Apaneca Mountain Range in El Salvador’s Ataco region of Ahuachapan.
This microlot is a natural process of Mauricio’s Anacafe 14 coffee plants –  a high-yielding rust resistant dwarf variety that is a natural cross between the Catimor and Pacamara varieties. This variety was released as a commercial variety in 2014, so it’s super new! Picked ripe and dry fermented for 20 hours, this coffee was then transported to raised beds and dried for 23 to 25 days before being milled and sorted. The result is a complex and unique coffee that we’re happy to feature this year.

Variety: Anacafe 14
Processing: Natural/Fruit Dried
Medium-light roast
Tastes like coffee cherry, dark chocolate, cranberry, blue jolly rancher, watermelon, green apple, with a juicy body and bright sparkling acidity

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