Kaʻū Coffee Mill Natural - Wood Valley, Kaʻū


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Kaʻū Coffee Mill Natural - Wood Valley, Kaʻū


Located just behind the small town of Pahala and heading into Wood Valley, the Kaʻū Coffee Mill is the only full service coffee mill in the Kaʻū district of Hawaiʻi Island. In addition to providing milling and roasting services to local coffee producers throughout the district, the Mill leases parcels of coffee land to local smallholder producers; they currently have 35 leaseholder producers. Additionally, the Mill provides local job opportunities, community outreach, and has aided in the international recognition of Kaʻū coffee. Their latest project is to complete a new 400kW hydroelectric plan to fully power all operations via renewable energy!
We’ve known about the Kaʻū Coffee Mill for years, have worked with their team in various capacities, and have tasted many coffees from their lands. This year, they reached out to us for our Quality Analysis services on a new lot of coffee they processed: naturals. Being a natural process coffee means there is no demucilagination. The fully ripe cherries are directly transported to drying pads after harvesting and sun dried for 4 weeks before being moved to mechanical driers to finish off the drying process. Then, they’re moved to the dry mill for milling, sorting, and grading. This lot is comprised of coffees from leaseholders and Mill-managed lands.
After performing Quality Analysis on this lot, we loved it. So much so that we decided to purchase some to share with you! Our team of Licensed Q Arabica Graders awarded this coffee an averaged score of 85.6. It’s a super clean and fruity cup – a lovely example of a classic natural processed coffee.

Varieties: Typica, Caturra, Catuai
Processing: Natural/Fruit Dried
Medium-light roast
Tastes like mixed berries, wine, hibiscus, dark chocolate, peach, Rainier cherry, with a creamy and juicy body

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