Kona Love by Boranian Farms - Holualoa, Kona


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Kona Love by Boranian Farms - Holualoa, Kona



Kona Love Coffee is produced on Boranian Farms, located in the Holualoa area of Hawaiʻi Island. This family-owned farm has been in operation for 30 years and is now led by the youngest Boranian son, Joshua. From the beginning, they have been practicing regenerative agriculture in healthy partnership with the land. In addition to coffee, this small farm produces other staple crops such as ʻulu, banana, kalo, papaya, ʻolena, ginger, dragon fruit and avocado. The primary coffee variety grown is Typica, which is dried in parchment on a custom-designed covered dry deck. In off seasons, their incredible ocean view drying space hosts special events and Rio/lamba Zouk nights.

Though we’ve known Joshua for a few years, our working relationship with Boranian Farms began last year, in 2020. The family came to us for quality and roast analysis services as they pursued the best way to showcase the quality of their coffee to retail customers. In the process, we discovered a lovely and complex coffee filled with bright citric acidity, brown sugar sweetness, and mellow fruity notes. While Kona Love maintains and promotes their own retail brand, we are happy to also purchase green coffee from them to share with our network of cafe & restaurant partners, home brewers, and coffee enthusiasts.

Variety: Typica
Processing: Washed
Medium roast
Tastes like orange, coca cola, apple sauce, almond, black tea, plum

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