Learn the coffee essentials in our Coffee Brewing Classes

Join us for a coffee brewing class and explore concepts that will help anyone make coffee better.  Whether a total novice, or a devoted specialty coffee lover, these workshops will give you the tools and knowledge necessary to bring the coffee brewing program in your home or office up to professional quality and consistency.

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1.5-Hour Coffee Brewing Workshop: Introduction to Brewing Methods


In this 90-minute class we will brew one coffee using two different manual brewing methods: filter and full immersion. We’ll do a side-by-side taste comparison and introduce the principles behind the differences in flavor and texture produced by these two common coffee preparation methods. This class will guide you through everything you need to know and tools to use for a delicious home-brewed coffee.

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4-Hour Coffee Brewing Workshop: Brewing Program Essentials


This four-hour class covers everything you need to know to make consistently delicious coffee at home or in a cafe. We will introduce useful tools for proper extraction in various brew methods from filter to espresso. Explore the concepts of solubles yield with hands-on practice exploring the impact on coffee flavor of water temperature, grind size, and brewing technique. This workshop covers concepts presented in the Introduction to Brewing Methods workshop with additional time exploring espresso techniques, while diving deeper into the technical concepts.

2-Hour Latte Art Workshop


This two-hour workshop introduces you to the steaming mechanics of an espresso machine. Students will learn basic milk chemistry to better understand how steam effects milk texture. We will cover proper technique to produce velvety, creamy, micro-foamy milk every time, while guiding students through the different milk beverages commonly ordered in cafes. Get creative & learn to pour hearts, rosettas, tulips and more! This workshop will also cover proper hygiene and safe use of steam wands.

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