If you are interested in learning how to roast coffee, there is no better place to do it than at origin in Hawaii! Join us at our lab in South Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii for one of our coffee roasting classes and gain insight into the physical and chemical changes that occur during the coffee roasting process. These classes focus on connecting the specifics of the roasting process to flavors in the cup, and will give you the knowledge needed to begin developing and executing perfect coffee roast profiles at home.

4-Hour Intro to Roasting


In this workshop, we will cover introductory elements of cupping, roast theory, and profile development. We will work with a single coffee and provide hands-on experience with our Giesen W15-A roaster. We will analyze each roast together in order to provide basic working knowledge of coffee roasting.

8-Hour Roasting Techniques


This intensive workshop build off of the basics covered in our Intro to Roasting workshop. If you have no previous experience in roasting, Intro to Roasting is strongly recommended before jumping into this workshop. In Roasting Techniques, we will cover the following topics:

Advanced Theory of Roasting & Heat Transfer
Roast Profile Development
Analysis through Cupping
Tasting & Mitigation of Roast Defects
Safety & Maintenance of the Machine

Lunch will be provided for this full-day workshop

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