We offer specialty coffee workshops and classes at origin in Hawai’i for individuals and groups covering coffee knowledge such as manual brewing, introduction to coffee tasting, barista skills, and home coffee roasting basics.

Our main teaching lab is located in the heart of the Kona coffee belt on the beautiful Big Island of Hawai’i and can accommodate groups up to 12 people. The lab is a Specialty Coffee Association Premier Campus and contains a full array of commercial and home brewing equipment, a Giesen W15A production roaster, and 500-gram Mill City roaster for sample roasting. Being located near so many coffee farms makes it easy to add a Kona coffee farm tour to your educational experience.

Our 1-hour, 2-hour, 1/2-day, and full day specialty coffee workshops are taught by SCA Authorized Trainers with extensive Specialty coffee industry experience and are perfect for the home coffee enthusiast, aspiring professional baristas, coffee roasters, and coffee tasters.

If you are interested in any of the specialty coffee workshops and classes listed below, please contact us at
info@pacificcoffeeresearch.com to schedule a session.

Also be sure to check out our SCA Coffee Skills Program courses for professional certification in Brewing, Barista Skills, Sensory Analysis, and Coffee Roasting.

Specialty Coffee Brewing Workshops
Explore a variety of different manual brewing methods and devices; get an introduction to the science behind coffee extraction; and gain hands-on experience that will help you make better coffee! These workshops are perfect for home-brewing coffee enthusiasts and baristas ready to dive a bit deeper into understanding their daily brew.

Specialty Coffee Roasting Workshops
Thinking of buying a home coffee roaster? Already have a few roasts under your belt and want to improve your skills? Just curious about how coffee roasting works? These classes are for you! Gain insight into the physical changes that occur during the roasting process while learning to operate professional coffee roasting equipment under the guidance of our roasting team.

Specialty Coffee Tasting and Sensory Workshops
Coffee contains hundreds of volatile chemicals that contribute to its taste, aroma, and texture. In these workshops we explore techniques used by sensory specialists in the coffee industry to analyze and describe coffee’s flavor. Taste coffees from across the island chain and learn to objectively analyze what differentiates one coffee from another.

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