Sensory Training


This 2-hour virtual workshop isn’t just for coffee professionals and consumers – it’s for all wine enthusiasts, foodies, and anyone who’s interested in exploring their palate and how all our senses connect in flavor perception. In this sensory training workshop, we will discuss each of our sensory systems, explore the meaning of “flavor,” and talk about how we discover and describe flavor in food & beverages. This interactive workshop is full of lots of brain science, a few fun party tricks and exercises that are easy to replicate on your own time for further training! Required materials are just water and a few drinking vessels.

Hawai'i Coffee Tasting


Join us for this online-version of one of our most popular classes! Experience the variety of flavors that Hawai’i-grown coffee has to offer in this 2-hour tasting with four coffees from across the island chain. This workshop is ideal for those interested in tasting Hawai’i-grown coffees and learning about our local industry without the price tag of a Hawai’i vacation. Our team will also cover some basic brewing techniques with you and will provide brewing recipes for each coffee as we discuss what makes each growing region unique! Some extra equipment is needed for this workshop, so please check our calendar listing for all the details.
brewing devices

Manual Brewing


Do you have all the right equipment to brew awesome coffee at home, but you’re still not brewing it quite the way your favorite barista does? This 1-hour workshop is for everyone who wants to dive a little deeper into perfecting their morning brew. We’ll cover grinder calibration & adjustments, water temperature, brewing time, roast level, various brew methods, and explain how each of these factors affects your final cup! Who knew so much went into your daily cup of coffee? We did. And we want to share that information with you! Required equipment for this class includes your usual home brew set up. 

How Coffee is Made


This 90-minute deep-dive coffee workshop is our personal spin on the How It’s Made series, covering all things coffee from fresh seedling to brewed beverage. Most of us know the story of how coffee migrated around the world, but have you ever thought about how coffee transforms from a germinated greenish seed to a warm brown liquid? We’re here to answer all your questions. This workshop will guide you through every step of the process from views of coffee farms to walks through processing mills, from watching a roaster in action to understanding the brewing process; our goal is to give you a full picture of the entire coffee industry in less than two hours! Walk away with an understanding of all the hands that touch your bag of coffee before it reaches yours.

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