100% Kona Canela

100% Kona Canela

We have been so honored to work with Karina and Armando, to watch them grow and emerge as one of the highest-quality coffee farms in Hawaiʻi and to continuously be recognized for their work through placing in the top 10 of our local cupping competitions since 2018.

This coffee is a beautiful and delicious cinnamon fruit fried (natural) processed coffee – using some unconventional processing tools, Armando also added fresh cinnamon bark to the cherries as they fermented. This coffee is the perfect autumn holiday brew to serve alongside classic holiday flavors. It compliments and reflects our shared meals during this season with tasting notes of orange spice, dried cranberries, cinnamon, clove, sandalwood, and so much sweetness. We’re honored to be able to offer this coffee to you! We hope you love it and that you also have a chance to share it with others.

We have a very limited amount of this coffee available and is not available for subscription purchases.

All retail bags are 10-ounce whole bean

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Honomalino, Hawai'i Island


Aloha Star


Cinnamon Fruit Dried




Typica & Pacamara
Orange spice, dried cranberry, cinnamon, sandalwood
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