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Pacific Coffee Research supports professionals in all areas of the coffee chain. Read below to learn more about our offerings.

book your service & drop-off

Drop off Monday-Wednesday at 8:30 AM:

Top of Makalei Estates
72-1189 Makalei Dr
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
Ship samples to:

Pacific Coffee Research
PO BOX 1969
Kealakekua, HI 96750

Q-Grader Cupping

Producers receive a cupping and technical report in a CQI-certified lab using the SCA Cupping Methodology.

Please provide: 200-gram sample of green coffee

Please ensure coffees are in a sealed ziplock or plastic bag. Spray the outside of the bag with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Weekly Q Grader Cupping services are conducted on Fridays. Each sample will receive a cupping report and average score from our panel of Licensed Q Arabica Graders and cuppers. A follow-up meeting via telephone or Zoom is optional.

Q Grader Cupping Analysis

$95 per coffee

Roasted Coffee Analysis

Producers and roasters receive recommended brewing recipes with a report through our brewing analysis of your sample of roasted coffee.

Please provide: 200-gram sample of roasted coffee

Roasted coffee analysis is conducted on Thursdays and/or Fridays. Each sample will receive a brewing report with flavor notes as well as pour over and full immersion brewing recipe recommendations.

Roasted coffee analysis

$95 per coffee

green Coffee Analysis

Producers receive a detailed report on green coffee grading with defect count and identification.

Please provide: 350-gram sample of green coffee

Green coffee analysis can be conducted daily but a 72-hour turnaround time should be expected.

Each sample will receive a green grading report with a detailed outline of identified defects, their definitions, and suggestions for improvement. A follow up meeting via telephone or Zoom is optional. 

Green Coffee Analysis

$85 per coffee

Contract Roasting

PCR will develop a proprietary roast profile for a single coffee to provide roasting services in our facility.

Please provide: 2-pound sample of green coffee

Included in this service:

  • One cupping roast in our North sample roaster
  • Full cupping report
  • Development of two roast profiles (i.e. medium roast and dark roast)
  • Roast report from our profile software

$220 covers two roast profiles, each additional profile will be charged at rate of $80 (i.e. development of light, medium, and medium-dark profiles for a washed-process Typica is $300)

Roast Profile Development

$220 per coffee

$80 per additional profile

barista training

With a team of Authorized Specialty Coffee Association Trainers, Q Arabica Graders, and current and former competitive baristas, Pacific Coffee research provides a robust training program. PCR will provide lessons on six key elements of espresso extraction and daily equipment maintenance for the home or professional barista. This program is offered in the PCR lab. On-site training in your cafe or restaurant is available with additional travel expenses.

For custom barista training, inquire about our consulting services.


Barista Training

$425 for 3-hour training

Up to four learners

Coffee Equipment Procurement & Maintenance

Properly functioning equipment is at the root of a high quality coffee program. Whether you are in need of equipment recommendations and sales, regular maintenance, or installation, we offer maintenance and servicing on commercial espresso machines and brewing equipment. We also provide ancillary tools and supplies sales for all your coffee program needs.

Services Include:
Equipment & cafe supplies sales,
Coffee brewing equipment maintenance,
Machine installation,
Cafe Flow & bar consultation,
Water testing & filtration recommendations,
Grinder maintenance

*We do not provide these services for home equipment or use

custom consulting

Looking for something more specific? Schedule a 30-minute appointment with our team to discuss customized education, training, or consulting for your roasting, brewing, or post-harvest needs.

wholesale coffee

Our wholesale program incorporates a comprehensive and hands-on approach with our partners to ensure quality, consistency, and outstanding coffee service. We do this by providing our full range of education, services, and consulting at partner rates alongside a curated offerings list of delicious and ethically-traded specialty coffees.


Our SCA and CQI-certified cupping lab, classroom space, and equipment are available to rent for your own pursuit of coffee excellence.

$95 per Hour

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