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    Apr 26 2022


    10:00 am - 12:00 pm



    Introduction to Coffee Cupping

    Professional coffee cupping is a bit more complicated than simply deciding whether a coffee is “good” or “bad”. In this 2-hour workshop we will sample three coffees while introducing the Specialty Coffee Association’s formal coffee tasting procedure known as cupping. Cupping is a globally standardized protocol for objectively evaluating coffee quality.

    Students will learn the protocol and procedures used to cup coffees and take notes using a simplified version of the SCA Cupping Form. Together, we will discuss our sensory experiences in the cupping and compare notes. Because this is a learning experience, some standard cupping protocol will not be followed – such as remaining silent while cupping. This will allow all participants to ask questions, make comments, and discuss their experience with each other as we cup.

    **This course is limited to 5 students with 1 instructor. We are using SCA’s new cupping protocol where each taster will have their own drinking vessel to dose coffee into and drink from; there will be no dipping & slurping from shared bowls.
    Pacific Coffee Research maintains a sanitary space and always has extra PPE on-site, including medical-grade masks and gloves. Our team will disinfect all surfaces to ensure the safety of participants in this course.


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