Coffee Education

Exploring the Coffee Flavor Wheel

$350 per person
coffee wheel

This class is the ultimate palate-development workshop for coffee tasters! Using the World Coffee Research Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel as our guide, tasters will be lead through a selection of flavors and aromas identified in coffee.

The Flavor Wheel is a scientific sensory tool designed to unify the language used to describe coffee around the world. We will discuss the development and science behind the most recent version of the Wheel, while identifying areas for improvement in future iterations. During this workshop we will taste and smell everything from citrus fruit to scraps of paper to tobacco, while practicing how to identify these attributes in coffee, so be ready to put your taste buds to work! This workshop is designed for anyone interested in improving and standardizing their coffee vocabulary to better communicate with all members of the coffee supply chain.

*This workshop requires participants to taste food, possibly including some known allergens such as dairy, nuts, peanuts, and wheat. If you have an allergy to any of these food products, you are likely to be at risk for allergen exposure. Please inform us of any allergens prior to registering.*

Due to the extensive preparation required for this workshop we are only able to offer it for groups of 4 or more students.

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