Illuminate the Supply Chain Mug

Illuminate the Supply Chain Mug

This travel mug was designed by local artist Ashley Teshima with PCR’s guiding principle in mind:
Illuminate the Supply Chain
We work toward a better coffee industry through increased access to education in our local and global community. We believe the more you know, the more you appreciate this plant and beverage. The illumination of the coffee supply chain and understanding its intertwined links hold the key to a brighter future for coffee.
This design includes some of our favorite plants we see everyday in Hawai’i: monstera deliciosa, zingiber, and – of course – coffea arabica

You can’t go wrong with Fellow’s Carter Everywhere Mug design. It’s sleek, leak-proof, and made to amplify your coffee-drinking experience with all the details carefully evaluated and taken care of.

Enjoy your coffee to-go in this thoughtfully engineered mug while supporting Pacific Coffee Research’s goal to illuminate the supply chain and bring coffee education to our community.

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