Misma Lani Cherry

Misma Lani Cherry

After two years of knowing and working with Victoria Magaña Ledesma, we are excited to finally feature her coffee this summer!

Operated by Victoria and crew, this 8 acre-farm sits on the slopes of Mauna Loa at an elevation of 1200 ft. The farm operates its own mill where coffee is pulped and sun-dried after it’s harvested. The specific lot we’ve purchased is a Fruit Dried (also known as Natural) processed coffee.

Daughter of Mexican immigrants, Victoria was raised in these coffee fields and aspired to a college education – something that was not accessible in her parents’ home country. After 28 years of living on Hawaiʻi Island and working on coffee farms, Victoria’s father, Andres, realized his dream of operating his own coffee operation. Unfortunately, he was forced to leave this dream and returned to his home country on July 8th 2017.
While still in school, Victoria “temporarily” took over the business as the family hoped for his return within a few months. Six years later, Andres has been unable to return to Hawaiʻi. And so Misma Lani was officially born in 2021 as Victoria’s tribute to immigrants and their resilience. This multi-generational Latino-owned farm is named for the Spanish word meaning “same” and the Hawaiian word for “heaven” or “sky”. “Misma Lani” is a name that honors the family’s Mexican heritage and love for Hawaiʻi while reminding us all that our loved ones are always with us under the same sky.

Misma Lani is more than just a cup of coffee; it’s a celebration of heritage, hard work, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Our first scheduled roast date for this coffee is July 17, 2023

All retail bags are 10-ounce whole bean

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Hōnaunau, Hawai'i Island


Misma Lani Cherry


Fruit Dried




mixed berries, milk chocolate, peach, sweet cream
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