Hawaiʻi Tasting Kit

Hawaiʻi Tasting Kit

Interested in tasting some Hawaiʻi-grown coffees, but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with this Hawaiʻi Coffee Tasting Kit! There are 8 distinct coffee-growing regions across the Hawaiian Islands and we regularly source coffees from farms in 3 of those regions. We work with, purchase from, and maintain relationships with over a dozen different Hawaiʻi coffee farms throughout the year and we know it can be a bit hard to figure out which coffee you want to try.

We’re finally releasing our Hawaiʻi Coffee Tasting Kit as a new box set – this is the same kit we use in our Virtual Hawaiʻi Coffee Tasting Workshops and we know you all love having access to these coffees. In addition to tasting the diversity of coffees available from different growing regions, you’ll also experience all 3 major processing methods.

You’ll receive a 2-ounce bag of each of the following coffees:
Aloha Star Coffee Farm, Typica & Pacamara pulp dried
Kaʻū Mountain Farm, Typica & Caturra parchment dried
MauiGrown, Yellow Caturra parchment dried
MauiGrown, Mokka fruit dried

This box set includes an ideal coffee for every kind of coffee drinking:
Like something delicate and fruity? Got it!
Looking for a milk chocolately start to your morning? Also here!

Who knows – you might discover your new favorite coffee.

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