100% Kona Cherry

100% Kona Cherry

Coming from Aloha Star Coffee Farms, we’re so excited to share yet another one of their coffees with you! We have been honored to work with Karina and Armando, to watch them grow and emerge as some of the highest-quality coffee producers in Hawaiʻi and to continuously be recognized for their work through placing in the top 10 of Hawaiʻi’s local cupping competitions since 2018.

This Kona Cherry coffee is a fruit dried (natural) processed coffee. What does that mean? Once the ripe coffee cherry is harvested, the cherries are immediately spread out onto drying beds to dry. When the cherry pods reach their optimal moisture level, the dried pods are processed through a dry mill to remove all the outer layers (dried fruit skin, parchment), and the seeds are sorted via screen size and density!

This coffee results in a cup filled with notes of rose hips, fresh cherry, sweet spice, and cocoa nibs. It has a juicy and syrupy body with a lingering sweet and fruity finish.

All retail bags are 10-ounce whole bean

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Honomalino, Hawai'i Island


Aloha Star


Fruit Dried




Typica & Pacamara
cherry, sweet spice, rose hips, cocoa nibs
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