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    Jun 27 2022


    10:00 am - 11:30 am



    Hawai’i Coffee Tasting

    Experience the variety of flavors that Hawai’i-grown coffee has to offer in our 90-minute Hawai’i coffee tasting. In this coffee tasting, we’ll go beyond Kona and taste four coffees from across the islands. Starting with Kona, we’ll head down south to Ka’u, then island hop to Maui and O’ahu!
    This informal tasting is designed as an introduction to building basic sensory skills in coffee by tasting several coffees side by side. In addition to learning about the farms and people who produce each coffee, we’ll cover so much more! We will discuss the history of coffee in Hawai’i, how each region we cover is unique from the rest, how the industry has changed and grown over the years, and where we stand today. We’ll briefly touch on the economics of producing coffee in Hawai’i and why the prices of Hawai’i coffee are what they are in an effort to help you think more about your daily coffee purchase.

    See you in the Lab soon!


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