Virtual: SCA CSP Introduction to Coffee

This half-day Introduction to Coffee CSP course is an ideal module for anyone who is new to the coffee industry or interested in learning more about coffee. This is an online-version of the class, which allows us to welcome guests from across the nation! In this course, we work to answer the question:

“What is specialty coffee?”

We’ll chart coffee’s colonial journey from its origins to Ethiopia to the major global commodity it is today.
From farming and harvesting coffee cherry through drying, roasting, brewing, and drinking – this module looks at each process coffee goes through to become a beverage.

Topics covered in Introduction to Coffee include:
What is specialty coffee?
History & development of coffee consumption
Global cultivation
Intro to cupping
Key concepts of coffee’s genetics, processing, and geographical growing regions
Intro to roasting terminology
Impact of freshness and storage practices
Manual brewing
Common coffee beverages

As an online course, all students will receive a link to our video call the week before our scheduled class. Please note: listed start time is in Hawai’i Standard Time. Please adjust start time to your local timezone if joining from outside of Hawai’i.

Please read the full course description here or learn more about the entire SCA Coffee Skills Program on their website.

Pacific Coffee Research offers CSP certification courses in 5 modules on a semi-regular basis, with Introduction to Coffee, Sensory Skills, and Green Coffee available year-round.

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